The challenge we faced in authoring this guide was to bring together decades of research on teams, coaches, athletes, parents, and families. Our aim was to synthesize the knowledge into a practical resource for today’s organized youth sport parent. While we understand that each parent, child, and each family are different, our hope is that the information we have presented will help you and your children come away united in your purposes and goals in organized youth sport.

After reading this Guide we hope you have a better understanding of:

  • Why participation in organized youth sports is important for you and your children
  • How clear communication between parents and children can enhance the family youth sport experience
  • What roles you can assume to foster positive youth sport experiences for your children
  • How your involvement both impacts and is impacted by the youth sport experiences of your children

Given the current body of research targeting youth sport parents, the time is now to offer parents the evidence-based tips, tools, and strategies to enhance their involvement in the organized youth sport participation of their children! We hope that by providing this resource, you will be more informed and more likely to engage in behaviors that allow your children to achieve higher levels of performance, enjoyment, and motivation, while also enhancing your parent-child relationship!

We understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to optimizing parental involvement in organized youth sport. However, we encourage you to adopt and amend some of the general strategies presented in this guide as a foundation for your positive sport parenting journey!